Upcoming Gigs

Oct. 28 to Nov. 4  
Olivia Breathless Punta Cana Resort 
Nov. 18 - PLAY Anniversary Party @ Splash in San Jose
Dec. 16 - PLAY @ Splash in San Jose 

January 20 - PLAY @ Splash in San Jose
February 17 - PLAY @ Splash in San Jose
Feb. 25 - Mar. 4 - Olivia's 45th Anniversary Hard Rock Vallarta Resort
March 17 - PLAY@ Splash in San Jose
April 2 to April 9 - Olivia's 45th Anniversary Caribbean Cruise
April 21 - PLAY @ Splash in San Jose
May 19-26 - Olivia's Cancun, Mexico Resort
June 16 - PLAY @ Splash in San Jose
June 24 - San Francisco Pride Women's Stage
July 14 to July 19 - Sandpiper Bay Resort
 Olivia & R Family Vacations Family & Friends
October 13-20 - Olivia's Columbus Isle Resort

About DJ Rockaway

Born and raised in Queens, NY, DJ Rockaway has been on the LGBT music scene for over a decade performing for audiences across the nation. From clubs all over NY to private weddings and events, she is a regular DJ on Olivia’s cruise and resort vacations and is the owner of Bay Area’s women’s parties – PLAY.  Her style – dance, hip hop, r&b, house, club, and retro – allows her to play to all who love to dance and feel the music. A true New Yorker (just listen to her talk), DJ Rockaway has an intense passion for music, translating her performances into a high energy music experience for her crowds. For DJ Rockaway, music is more than a blend of sounds, music is an experience – she wants you to feel it, live it, escape into it.

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